Amazed At What She Said About This Picture!

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The Youth at Revolution Ministries were given a challenge to post a creative picture on Instagram that promotes their faith.  This post features the winner above!

There are a few things about this post that teach us how to effective witness. First, make it personal. If you share your faith in a real way then it will have a real impact. Basically share out of your own personal experience with Jesus. Second, Be creative and use the tools that are relevant to your generation. If you notice there is nothing cheesy or cliche about this post! We don’t need another “puntastic” t-shirt or image, we need people to live out what they believe and that’s what people will remember! Finally, be willing to engage beyond your initial attempt to witness. In a simpler way to say it ‘Relationship’. Walk with people until they learn your “pace” of life. (pun intended)

A quick note: my final point comes from the comments and feedback this Instagram post created. I did not post a screen shot in this blog post but if you would like to see the full Instagram post and to follow this young lady than follow her at

Be Creative! pastor J



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