Community Outreach

Easter Egg Hunt

Fall Festival

Free Car Wash Days

School’s Out Blow Out

Planting Hope – Frederick

Columbia Pregnancy Center

Community Service Days

Linwood Thrift Store (Donation Site)


A/G U.S. Missions

Peter Bullette – Chi Alpha, U. of VA

Dave Freeland – Youth Alive, VA

Jeffrey Friedman – Jews, International

Mark Hoffman – Chi Alpha, U. of MD

David Huffman – Firefighters Ministry

Don Martin – Continental Theological Seminary

Joe Newell – Chi Alpha, U. of NC

Will Stromman – Urban Ministries

Mike Zello, Jr. – Teen Challenge, Fredericksburg, VA

Bill Parks – Teen Challenge, Baltimore, MD


A/G Foreign Missions

Mark & Ellen Cannon – Spain

Rick Caswell – Mali

Brett & Elise Deal—Senegal

Mike Edson – Central Eurasia

Megan Fiti – Tuvalu

Mark Gardner – Namibia

Theresa & Carl Hosch – Global U

Charles McMillen – Sierra Madre

Ariel Rainey – Spain

Aaron Santmyire – Madagascar

Bryan Schwing – Northern Asia

Mark Smith – Mexico

Suzanne Spolarich – France

Jerry & Nancy Sturgeon – 7 Republics in Russia

Michael & Cara Tyler – Germany

Tim & Michelle Zello – Jewels4God


Others – A/G

Speed the Light

Dr. Cynthia Calla – LifeRise AIDS Resources (ministers in many countries)

Westside A/G

Denny & Sandy Nissley – Christ In Action

Foundry Church – Church Plant Justin & Kara Myers


Others – Non-A/G

International Christian Embassy, Jerusalem (Headquarters in DC)

Gilles & Wendy Naine, Navigators-Cameroon

Howard County Pregnancy Center

New Life for Girls, Westminster, MD

Troy & Noelle Rhodes – Go Kids, Ireland

Heartwood Outdoors, Tracy Groves

Crosspointe A/G – Replant Danville, VA

Higher Ground Ministries – Virginia

R.S. Asirvatham – India

Family Care Excellence – New Cumberland, WV